Random Institute is an extension of what a contemporary art institution can be, that is to say, truly unbothered by rules and bureaucracy. Ultimately, it brings together & curatorial and publishing activities.

Since March 2016, Random Institute is running the curatorial program for Despacio in San José, Costa Rica.
The best color is transparency.
The best defense is a good offense.
Untold Stories

Residencia en la Selva

ArchivedHappened in February 2017
Alto Telire

There is a time in every artist’s life that, for their art, they must go so far that they risk falling right off the map. We have developed a unique residency for Despacio that begins with an incredible two-day journey on foot through the dense Costa Rican jungle to bring you to one of the world’s most isolated indigenous tribes, the Cabécars of Alto Telire. Once there, you’ll engage with a local community totally disconnected from the world of contemporary art.

Experience a place that has been inhabited for centuries but rarely appears on a map.


If we want to establish new paths in the field of art, it is essential that artists seek inspiration in places far away from the old, ingrained patterns of thinking. It is only by questioning and rethinking established rules that artists have achieved innovation throughout history and have led us to where we are now.

Like many of the world’s most secluded places, contemporary art has no meaning in Alto Telire. There is no place for art as the rest of the world knows it in the everyday life of the Cabécars, nor is there a word for it in the local language.

Update April 14, 2017
The application period for the 2018 residencies will be announced on Instagram later in the year.

Update February 15, 2017
Ayami Awazuhara and Matthias Dolder’s returned from their ten day trip to the jungle. A selection of images have been published on Facebook.

Update November 18, 2016
Despacio is pleased to announce the successful applicants of the 2017 Jungle Residency are Berlin-based artist Ayami Awazuhara and Cali-based artist Matthias Dolder.

The application period for the 2017 residencies closed on September 1, 2016.


  • In 2016, all residents must be fluent in Spanish (English is not spoken in the area). However, we are planning to open the residency up to non-Spanish-speaking artists in 2017.
  • You must be able to walk for 4 days (8 hours per day). It is a two day journey to and from Alto Telire.
  • You must be in good physical condition. The nearest doctor may be as far as 18 hours walking distance away.

What the residency includes:

  • Airfare to and from San José, Costa Rica
  • Lodging and a stipend in San José
  • Travel to Limon by bus
  • Travel from Limon to Vesta by private transport
  • A guide to lead you you to and from Alto Telire
  • Return private transport to Limon and bus to San José

The residency takes 6-14 days, depending on the availability of local guides. Please note that you may be asked to carry a certain amount of food or medicine for the community you are visiting.

All images above by Alberto Font.

Tout est bon dans le poisson

ArchivedHappened in May 2014

For two nights only, the Réunion was transformed into a fish market, occupied by Charly, Paris’s Michelin award-winning fish vendor. Peddling fish from the art space’s front window, Charly’s quotidian business collided with the world of art, as nightly performances toured underground cultures and explored the limits of new exhibition formats.

Gourmands meet fringe performance art.


Participating artists included Florence Jung, Saskia Edens, Nils Amadeus Lange with Mira Kandathil & Annina Machaz, Manuel Scheiwiller with Melanie Wirz & Nils Amadeus Lange, Marcel Meury, Ivan Blagajcevic as Evalyn, and Thylacine. Curated by Sandino Scheidegger.

The culinary concept has been created by Han Lo (Untitled Group).

Images by Juliette Chrétien, Ian White, and Franziska Scheidegger.

The fish market and performance festival took place on May 8th and 9th, 2014 at Réunion in Zurich, Switzerland. A second edition takes place in April 2017 in Costa Rica.

Documentary Reality – Crossing the Atlantic

ArchivedHappened in March 2012
Port of Lisbon
Port de Montreal

Where do we find time to truly engage with art, while being caught between the constraints of hyper availability and keeping up with a fast-pace society? A five-strong crew of artists and curators withdrew from the world into an abstract emptiness to regain what often seemed lost: Time for debate and reflection.

A journey across the Atlantic.


Download the book Without the Viewer

The attraction of a beautiful void and the search for literal oblivion has already drawn many expeditions into the eternal blue, creating an extraordinary, lyrical nomadism at sea. The questions is: what can artists and curators find on a journey across the Atlantic, besides an image of an infinite void?

Questions of ephemerality, documentary reality, and the effect of an absent audience comprised the starting point for a journey that took a five-strong crew across the Atlantic. We did not set sail to tell a story, but to make a story, one that would otherwise not take place in reality.

The journey at sea offered us what had been lost in our everyday lives: endless moments to reflect upon, the freedom to shape reality, fiction, and memory. Once we returned to land, we held tight to our newfound freedom, ultimately channeling it into this exhibition, "Without a Viewer", in which artistic and curatorial voices mingle to create a polyphonic situation.

Just as our mind floats effortlessly between the real and the imaginary, the book accompanying the exhibition is a work of fiction and non-fiction alike, a book unbothered by rules and in command of its own reality.

Throughout the journey, ten perspectives on substantial issues were introduced. They were impulses that provided an open platform for on board debates. These critical reflections in the course of the journey served as thematic navigation points.

Failed Telegrams

Die Realität ist nicht ortsgebunden. Eine Wahrheit, die sich im Fernweh der Seemänner widerspiegelt und sich im Heimweh in Luft aufzulösen scheint.

Während die industrielle Romantik mit 39'000 Pferdestärken angetrieben wird, bleibt die Zeit stehen. Und doch – Stillstand ausgeschlossen.

Aus dem Provisorium des Unterwegsseins wird Heimat auf Zeit. Jegliches Fernweh verschwindet der Unendlichkeit des Wassers und der eigenen Hilflosigkeit.

Ausgeliefert sich selbst, den Seemännern, dem Kapitän und vermeintlichen Druck frei zu sein. Bis die Strömung dich erfasst.

The research and crossing took place from March 26, 2012 to April 22, 2012.

Port of departure: Lisbon
Port of arrival: Montreal
Vessel: Hanjin Palermo


ArchivedHappened in August 2010
Centre d’Art Neuchâtel

The public intervention by Berlin-based Swiss artist Emanuel Geisser took place on the Swiss National Day on the banks of Lake Neuchâtel. While thousands of people were waiting with anticipation to see the traditional firework display, a boat equipped with a video projector, batteries and Emanuel Geisser’s newest video work was sailing through the night and appeared out of the dark.

Out of the dark.


The Neue Galerie was invited as Off-Curator to participate at the Summerlab organized by Centre d’Art Neuchâtel (Kunsthalle Neuenburg).

Inviting Curators were Arthur de Pury & Marks Blond
Next to Neue Galerie, following institutions and curators were invited Bury the Jumbo (Otmar Trost, Stephan Haltiner, Sascha Graf), Marc Divo, Alain Jenzer, L’OV (Fabian Boschung, Markus Kummer, Marie Villemin, Marie Léa Zwahlen), OLM Space (Renaud Loda), Pekka Teemu (Pekka Ruuska)

The intervention took place on August 1, 2010 in Neuchâtel.

Latest Rumor Amongst Horses

ArchivedHappened in January 2010
Neue Galerie

Die Neue Galerie bespielt die Räumlichkeiten in Bern mit einer Videoinstallation der australischen Künstlerin Linda Tegg. In zwei grossen Schaufenstern konfrontiert die 29-jährige Trägerin des Murdoch Travelling Fellowship Awards Betrachter mit einem doppelt projizierten Einblick in eine andere Welt.


Mit der dicht befahrenen Strasse hinter sich, blickt der Besucher unverhofft durch die leeren Räumlichkeiten in den projizierten, weitläufigen Saal eines aristokratisch anmutenden Herrenhauses, dessen fast fühlbare Stille mit dem städtischen Lärm des realen Hier und Jetzt kontrastiert. Ähnlich unerwartet, fast lebensgross, majestätisch und seltsam unnahbar erscheint das dunkelbraune Pferd, das – mal auf dem glänzenden Holzboden und mal auf einem roten Teppich – den grossen Saal nahezu ausfüllt.

Linda Tegg gelingt die visuelle und tatsächliche Irritation in doppelter Hinsicht. Ebenso wie sich der Galeriebesucher oder der zufällig vorbeigehende Passant irritiert fühlen ob der unerwarteten Einsicht in eine seltsame Szenerie, erscheint auch das Pferd irritiert, angesichts der ihm fremden Umgebung. Indem die Künstlerin das Pferd in einem überraschenden Kontext präsentiert, spielt sie mit der Brüchigkeit seiner majestätischen Aura und seiner symbolbehafteten Erscheinung. Zugleich unterläuft Linda Tegg die visuelle Perfektion der künstlerisch lang tradierten Pferdedarstellungen ebenso, wie die eng daran geknüpften Bildnisse von Macht, Repräsentation und Männlichkeit.

Trailer Video
Video from Work

The exhibtion took place from January 16 to February 16, 2010 at the Neue Galerie in Bern, Switzerland.
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